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Welcome to the homepage of LameNES.

LameNES is a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Emulator programmed by Joey Loman.

The project goal was to learn how to write an emulator from scratch and to write it in portable C code so
that it compiles on many platforms.

The LameNES 6502 CPU emulator code (Lame6502) is written to be modular so it can be used in other emulators as well.
The separated Lame6502 source code can also be downloaded from the download section.

LameNES also has an excellent interactive debugger in it. It has a lot of features to make it easy to debug
your nescode.

LameNES is written in C with SDL and is availabe in many ports. The source is released under the BSD license.
It compiles without any problems with GNU GCC on most unix platforms and MinGW on windows.
Feel free to port it to other systems and send me them.

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